CS Student @USC | Turn Key Product Developer @BrioWater

About Me

Want to aid the intersection of health, space, tansportation, and IoT with tech. Open to talk about STEM 🧬 , start-ups πŸš€ , VCs πŸ’° , and innovation πŸ’‘ .

Attend USC, studying computer science, attempting to learn Mandarin.

I am the founder of SpotClub a community building podcast for all things innovation. Currently HeadΒ  Ambassador @ HeroHouse by SmartGate VC and Product Manager @ SprintRay Inc.Β 

Hobbies: Photography , AI/ML πŸ–₯, Piano 🎹, and the beach πŸ– .


At work, university, or on my free-time, I am always keeping myself busy with great projects check them out.


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As a Solidwork's Certified Mechanical Designer and Figma Expert I have worked on multiple freelance projects from creating mock ups for a time management application for individuals with ADHD, to prototyping a modular phone case for the iPhone 12 and both the Brio IoT Water Cooler's UI and Hardware.

Software Development / Data Viz

As a Product Manager at Sprintray, I developed a software solution that utilized Microsoft's Power Suite and AWS SQL server to collect, visualize, and share data on average test diagnosis times, troubleshooting, quality issue tracking, inventory tracking, and MTTR. More recently built an optimization program utilizing linear and integer programming using iJulia to solve USC's class scheduling problem.

Venture Work

Serving as the Head Ambassador to SmartGate VC's HeroHouse, headstrong a national program to bring together a community of deep tech connoisseurs leading ambassadors across Universities.

Smart Home

Personal passion to build smart homes, utilized Arduino and Raspberry Pi to create a full smart home during the summer of 2020, including automated locks, motorized shades, doors, and energy consumption calculations that use linear optimization to minimize kW/h price while considering AC, refrigeration, and entertainment needs.


Founded SpotClub because I have a mission to create a community of extremely innovative people from all backgrounds. First interview will take place in June 2021.


Previously served as Chief of Staff @ JSA, the largest student-run organization with over 10,000 members and a cabinet of 100+ individuals across 13 departments.

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